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The Zest-it® Pencil Blend is exceptionally popular for blending Coloured Pencils, Coloured Pastels, Wax and Oil Pastels, also Graphite and Sanguine Pencils.

Throughout the site you will find information on the different pencils and pastels; the papers and surfaces used; the 'how' to' of using Zest-it Pencil Blend ; the blending tools and large link section to Coloured Pencil Artists who offer online lessons and workshops.

We have tested the Pencil Blend with many of the popular brands. Tests enable us to answer technical aspects of Pencil Blend, the pieces are nearly twenty years old, little change since first completed, thereby establishing archival quality of the media when used with Zest-it.

We tested both of our Zest-it Pencil Blends, the original Pencil Blend and the Pencil Blend (Citrus Free) with the following Coloured Pencils, Coloured Pastels, Art Stix and Oil Pastels:-
Luminance Color Pencil;
Prismacolor Color Pencil;
Prismacolor Art Stix;
Karisma (discontinued);
Derwent Drawing, Artist and Coloursoft;
Neopastel Oil Pastel;
Crayola Oil Pastel.
Click the Pencils link to read more.
For testing with Wax based products, see our www.artywax.co.uk site


coloured pencils and oil pastels

Coloured Pencils, Art Stix and Oil Pastels

paper and board surfaces
Many tried and tested surfaces
to choose from.

Paper and Surfaces for Coloured Pencils are many.

Watercolour paper, Bristol board, Pastelmat, Clay board, Linen boards, Somerset and other printmakers papers, Sand paper, Silk, Velum, Mylar, Birch ply boards and wood panels.

Most of these surfaces have information on how to use and apply Coloured Pencil and Pencil Blend.
There are many styles of Coloured Pencil work and you can find it on almost all of these surfaces.
Techniques have been evolved to meet the demand of working on a specific media, many artists rely on a solvent to help achieve their finished result. Use the papers link for more...


Blending tools for colour pencils with Pencil Blend.

If working on watercolour paper then tortillion or paper stumps are often the preferred tool, paper on paper with the pigment in between.

They can also be used to blend the applied when Pencil Blend is used, best results are obtained when they are not over wetted.

Cotton wool buds are another popular tool.

The Colour Shaper is the one possibly the most used for blending coloured pencils, especially on a gritty or sandpaper surface.

on patelmat paper
Pencils and Pastelmat

bottles of Zest-it Pencil Blend

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The Zest-it Pencil Blend comes as the original Pencil Blend and Pencil Blend (Citrus Free), basically they are the same product just that one does not have the orange element and therefore has a more 'solvent type' smell.

The Pencil Blend page has more information about the way it can be used to blend coloured pencils, with a brush, tortillion and paper stump.

It also explains why the Blending Sponge is a valuable accessory when using blending tools.


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